Donations help us to improve our host and keep the project alive. By helping us, you get the following features:
  • 2x cheaper maps
  • More frequent sound commands
  • Access to Dynamic Vehicle Lights
  • Access to Dynamic Vehicle Overlays
  • 32 Vinyl slots for your car instead of 16
  • 100.000$ every 3$ you donate + 25.000$ bonus every next 3$ (x2 for PayPal)
  • Special forum and server status
  • Mapping server for duration of the status starting from 9$ (PayPal only)

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Important Information

If you're new here, be sure to check our rules and the server commands!

Donation Status: - USD
Donation Goal: - USD

Weekly News

- We have won our WFF clanwar against VIP with the score 29 - 111. We'd like to thank VIP for the good time - although they played 3v5 against us from the 16th map due to two of their players rage-quiting - and our players: BriaN, EyecatcheR, Punishable, Menta, and Corex!
July 24, 2017, 04:30:34 pm by Gallardo
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I will just leave this here.

Man, are we playing the right game?

I run this town now, me. Vercetti, remember the name.

Challenge me, baby.

Free like a bird. Or Mario.

HDM, etc all in one class. Clicking the room image will join the recent room of the class you were in.
Want new images? Blame our designers, who don't do shit.

Did you ask for smth?

Au and Pt. Guess what's that.

No need for positioning and etc. Only mouse.

Hold tab to show full name:

Maybe statistics?

More? A bit later, boys.
July 19, 2017, 01:44:19 am by Corex
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I decided to write a short topic about what happened in the last few days, because I've noticed that there are many different versions of the story going around in the MTA community. To be more exact, there's one version of it which I'd like to talk about, and that is the one saying that us announcing the death of the server and the team was a trick to get the players who left back and to maybe get some more donations.

I'm not sure where to even start, because the first time I heard this I just didn't understand how someone could come up with such theory. I have to admit that after hearing the same kind of story from a numerous of people I'm starting to understand the way this opinion could form in their minds. To clear our name, I'll try to explain how we were thinking while deciding about wether we wanted to close the team or not.

ER has been running only on donations for a long time. We have had some financial problems once or twice, but overall, it's been working. There have been some guys who always saved us from going down with donating us a relatively huge amount, and we have always been very thankful to them. But this one time, there was nobody. Players stopped working on our server for a big variety of reasons, meaning there was nobody to be interested enough in the project to donate money to us. We had known for a while that the server was paid until the 20th of July, and we had been thinking of ways to save the server. Knowing we needed more than $100, we got more sure by each day that it was nearly impossible to gather up enough cash to pay for atleast one more month. 10 days before the potentional shutdown, we decided to announce it, hence we didn't think there was any hope left.

Another thing some people don't understand is that why we wanted to close the team knowing our server will shut down. I personally thought (and still do) that acting like ER would have been a thing while our server (which I think is our biggest power) was shut down is pointless. The reason I think so is that ER has always been building a server with a great atmosphere, a place where people could have fun, rather than a team which had a ClanWar every week and tried to beat everyone. Others might think differently, they might even have been kept going after the shutdown, I don't know. All I know is that ER wouldn't have been the same without a server.

One question might come to your mind: Why didn't we downgrade the server so it would cost less to keep it alive? The reason is simple: we have always been up for improvement, not downgrading. Quality over quantity at all times.

After reading this I hope now it's clear for everyone that we were really going to die if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you for believing in us and saving Empire of Riders!

ER Team / BriaN
July 10, 2017, 10:57:02 pm by BriaN
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The end REBIRTH of an Empire

Hello ladies and gents, today we are here to announce something that we have never thought we'd ever need to. I'll try to do my best to summarize what you need to know, what is going to happen and what we are (and I am) feeling right now, but the fact that I am writing this is because of the simple reason that other members couldn't. I'm not any better at writing stuff but I thought I'd take the responsibility for what has happened and what I have done in this form. I'm going to try to describe all we have to tell you from my perspective. I'm not really good with words so I'm sorry in advance if this announcement will feel a little bit all over the place, but I'll try my best.

I'm not really good with dates but if I have to guess it was somewhen around 2013 when I first joined this server. I was still trying to find out what I wanted to achieve in the game when I realised I might have found my home, where I could finally say I knew what I wanted. I'm not going to write long sentences about how I've felt and what I've done in these years I was in the clan, I'm just gonna say it in a few words: I had never been more motivated to be a part of something in this game before. I felt like I was at the right place, because I knew that we knew what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. We had goals and we worked to achieve them. We succeeded to make a server which was the home for many players for a pretty long time. And here comes the point if this whole announcement: this is over.

I'll be short: I'd like to thank our everytime leader Gallardo for everything he did for us. I believe the server and the team are something you can really be proud of. I personally wouldn't like to describe the reasons behind the closing of the team and the server, simply because I don't feel like they are my own in any way. I just don't have the right to think I'm in a position to decide what you can know and what not. Others may add whatever they feel like adding to my text in the comments.

The server is shutting down on July 20th. Please enjoy playing on it until it lasts.

The server continues to live on, thanks to your support.


Thank you for your attention and support throughout these years. This is the end of our Empire, the Empire of Riders.
ER Team
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