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  • Special forum and server status
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ER Weekly Contest #34 - Making a Garage
ER Weekly Contest #37 - Speedy Gonzales

- Banshee is now an Events Manager, expect some new things from him. Also, Cheetah has been replaced with R3L4X as a Map Uploader.
October 31, 2016, 05:48:33 pm by Banshee
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Time for a little update concerning the server and it's future, but also a little team update. Most of you may know, we got a brand new server version in the works. We started working on this in May 2015, and it's not quite finished yet, but it certainly is coming along nicely. For this update, we had to  restart from scratch... everything is new. Although, it may look similar with the naked eye, under the hood it is quite the contrary. However, as you're not really getting anything wiser from this, let's get into the details that we can share with you, today. But before we do, we would like to mention and thank The Crew for their short announcement of Helium in TCN #27.

This time, its a fairly short team update, because as some of our players may have noticed, we got 3 new trials:




Please give them a warm welcome!


To start of, some of the pieces that make up for a better and more efficient server. A big part of it comes down the how the general order of things are made up. The core gamemode handles the main management, while the other resources will talk to it, register themselves and execute the action. With this, comes the support for dynamic rooms & livepatch. We can add new gamemodes in just several lines, and update others without the need to restart. Another improvement we made is the way the map builds when it is loading. In it's current stage, we've achieved much faster map loading, even for people with a slower internet connection. Another piece of this update comes in the form of a new secure sandbox for map scripts, with faster execution and more secure scripts, which can not steal any of your data. This enabled us to share some common resources, like palms, which you will now have to download only once. To continue, we've implemented a new centralized database management system with better performance, while still being just as secure, if not more. In the end, we are proud to say we achieved a rock solid 7500% performance increase over Oxygen, the current server version we are running as we speak.


Let's continue on a slightly different note. From this section, you already had the pleasure have a sneak peak... the current radar we are using is part of the Helium update. The nice thing about it is the fact that it is GPU-accelerated. With this, you have also seen the general idea and style of the upcoming interface; simplified & space efficient. Some thing which will be coming later on with the big update, are things like a multitude of languages, which will be supported by the userpanel, toptimes, notification bar and any other kind of message. Talking about the notification bar, it now features a better look, but it also performs better. New models for the pickups, new animations and achievements. But also, a tuning room for all your vinyls and other tuning needs, including... performance parts? Yes, there are performance enhancing drugs upgrades available for you to buy, but these upgrades are not fit for usage in the usual rooms and gamemodes though. The room also includes a new graphical manager; a new interface and new mouse & keyboard controls.  Oh, and of course... how can we forget. With a new server version comes a new bot. This as well is made from scratch, and it will include a new and improved weather service, but also the ability to add your own sentences to the bot with a voting system.
Nice to meet you. My name is Helen.


Oh, we mentioned something about rooms right? First up, one of the new rooms will be the Drag room, including a manual transmission & clutch. This is also where you can finally unleash all the performance you gathered with those shiny new performance parts we've been working on. And if you're interested, you can even make your own maps for this gamemode, as well as the next one; Drift is another new gamemode we will be offering. Points will be scored accordingly to how well you do, and high speed and/or close to wall drifts are rewarded with more points. Another new gamemode is Stealth, in which 2 teams will be spawned on 2 opposite sides of the map, and they will have to hunt down the enemy players, and this is done without the help of things like a radar. And at last we got the Freeroam room, where you can see the region of San Andreas in whichever way you like. But, we won't just come with some new rooms, we will of course also work to improve our older rooms. And with that comes the separation of skilled maps and older maps from regular DM. To accommodate this, we will feature 3 rooms, called 'Classic', 'Modern' and 'XDM' respectively. With this we aim for more satisfaction for every diverse individual.

Of course, setting things up and getting everything ready on our server will take quite some time, which is why we will be taking our time to be as sure as we can be of smooth sailing. The server will be closed on the 18th of January, 2017, and we will reopen it on the 25th; a week later. With this will also come a brand new forum, which will be connected to our server in more ways than before, with for example, more statistics and other information exchanges available on our forum. And, no, there will be no forum browser on our server.

So, after we've shot some fancy words at you, we hope that we have informed you well enough about what's on our table. But, as we said, things aren't ready yet, so for now, why don't you just enjoy your last moments with Oxy before we have to replace her.
- ER Team
August 11, 2016, 05:18:35 pm by BriaN
Views: 1014 | Comments: 11


As the most of you have already noticed, our beloved leader & scripter Gallardo has been around quite often lately, resulting in updates! Many different kinds of ideas and suggestions have been sent to us from you guys, but the most requested feature was always a possibility to have your own team chat, clan or just a language chat. Well since Gallardo has been up to Army & Chill lately, he has had some time to implement some things that we had on mind. The current update didn't take much time to make and is going to be fully functional really soon, so we are now introducing it to you. But what is a Hub?

A Hub is a custom channel made by a player which people can join using a name and a password, if it's passworded. This channel is technically like a simple team chat with some other features such as muting, banning and role setting. Below you can see a tutorial of how to make and use a Hub.



- To create a Hub: /hcreate (name) (password)
- The name can be maximum 6 characters long
- If you don't write a password, the Hub will be public and everyone will be able to join it

- To join a Hub: /hjoin (name) (password)
- Password isn't required if the Hub is public

- To write in a Hub: U
- Anti-spam is disabled in the Hubs, but the owners and moderators can mute and ban you if you don't behave

- To leave a Hub: /hleave
- A Hub closes after everyone left it

- To check who's in your Hub: Tab
- Players with blue background on the Scoreboard are in the same Hub as you


- To set roles: /hrole (playerid) (role)
- Roles which are able to use this command: owner
- Roles: owner, moderator, member, ro (read-only, equal to muting)
- The read-only role is useful for owners because only they can unmute the player who was given it, since moderators can't set roles

- To mute and unmute: /hmute (playerid) and /hunmute (playerid)
- Roles which are able to use these commands: owner, moderator

- To ban, unban and check ban list: /hban id, /hunban id and /hbanlist
- Roles which are able to use these commands: owner, moderator
- /hbanlist command will show currently online users with bans and mark them red in Scoreboard for owners and moderators

- To set a custom colour for the tag of Hub messages: /hsetting ctag (colorcode)
- Roles which are able to use this command: owner

- To set a custom colour for the Hub messages: /hsetting ctext (colorcode)
- Roles which are able to use this command: owner

- To change the password: /hsetting password (new pass)
- Roles which are able to use this command: owner
- This command will add the specified password for the previously public room and change the old password to the specified, if it was passworded before
- Not specifying a password will remove the current one from a passworded room


We hope it's clear for everyone how to use the new feature, but if there's something that's still not clear to you, don't bother writing a comment below. See you on the server!

August 08, 2016, 11:20:07 pm by Corex
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It's been a while but its finally over! Thanks to everyone who helped & participated in this tournament, Congratulations to who won and hard luck to who didn't make it to the finals!

Final Results:

- Marque - 1st

- ShankZ - 2nd

- AleX - 3rd

Click here to see the tournament brackets and the results of every single match

There will be more tournaments to come for everyone to participate and have a chance to win. So, tune in!

- big thanks to The Crew Gaming for being a part of this amazing tournament along with xDarkinG and Alcatraz (King12pro) for recording and live streaming the tournament finals.
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